The Faroese Folk High School is a boarding school for adult education. It is situated in central Tórshavn. As a student in the autumn you will go on a five month long creative journey. The focus is on visual and performing arts, as well as Faroese language, culture and nature. The autumn course begins in September and carries on through the month of January.

You can focus on the creative arts and form lifelong friendships. Together, we also make a number of field trips and excursions.

True to the folk high school spirit, emphasis is put on a social environment, and making the best of our time together.

The school also offers short courses the entire school year, mostly over the weekends. The short courses are all conducted in Faroese and you can see the course schedule here

The school is a private institution recognised and supported by the Faroese Ministry of Children and Education.

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During the half year you attend the Folk High School, you will try out a number of art forms. We paint, draw, make sculptures, work with ceramics, write, act, dance and work with physical expression. We also go on a number of excursions to experience the many faces of the Faroes. We always emphasise having a good time together, and a safe setting for learning and experimentation.


The curriculum has three main subjects: Visual arts, performing arts and nature & environment. In addition, we offer our international students classes in Faroese. Other subjects are the morning stretch, excursions and themed weeks, such as circus, film making and creating the school paper.

The art teachers are practitioners in their fields. You get the possibility to explore visual and performing arts with professional guidance, in order to develop your own expression. We are the only school in the Faroes that offers this kind of curriculum for young adults.

We emphasize using the city and the nature around us, to get off campus and explore the surroundings. The teacher responsible for excursions is an ethnologist specialised in intercultural communication.



The tuition fee for the Autumn course is 3950 DKK/month. The tuition fee includes room and board, lessons and materials. You only need pocket money.

Acquiring a student visa, if needed, is the responsibility of the applicant.


There is no upper age limit in the autumn course. Faroese students must be minimum 16 years old when school starts, international students must be minimum 18 years of age. The school does not, at the moment, have the possibility to welcome students with serious mental or physical challenges.

The students are treated as adults. The rules are simple:

– Show up on time for everything

– Smoking, alkohol or drugs are prohibited.

We welcome diversity, come as you are, at the point where you are in your life.

If you have questions, you are welcome to contact us by phone or email. You can also request a visit to the school.

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